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Alexsia Gillespie and Jeffery Krupa
Connor Knapp and Amanda Fish
Jaymee-Leigh Kunsman LIster and Michael Lister
Gemma Mcgarrity and Jordan Kimmet
Megan Kellogg and Carson Kellogg
Antony Healy and Samantha Kennard
Bree Bergeron and Luke Kelleher
Emma Kelly and Lee McCormack
Amra Hajric and Zachary KentAmra Hajric and Zachary Kent
Erick Brady and Faith Kalvig
Jess Pyne and Michael KulpBethlehem, PA
Mackenzie Chretien and bre k
Valen Kester and Michael Egan
Taylor Koontz and Trevor CoxNew Harmony, Indiana
Taylor Sobieski and Chris Kearns
Nicole Kirby and Seth PriceNicole Kirby and Seth Price
Maddi Grant and John KramerMaddi Grant and John Kramer
Shainalyn Kaiwi and Shyla Kekahuna
Deena Furman and Harrison KinardDeena Furman and Harrison KinardLas Vegas, NV
Diane Furnan and Harrison KinardSpringfield, MO
Norah James and Bradley Koopen
Abby Dougherty and Ben Kohn
Rachel Morton and Derek Kraus
Lisa Kelliher and Cameron Ramos
Katerina KARASOULAS and Henry BrennanEscondido, CA
Audra Weatherly and Mikey KoppAudra Weatherly and Mikey Kopp
Julie Dayton and Koby Kishnois
Emily Kardos and Justin Stewart
Andrea Mroczek and adam knuthAndrea Mroczek and adam knuthtallahassee, fl
Melinda Lotspeich and Martin Kay
Emily Schoeneberger and Jason Kassis
Sabrina Senn and Casey Kershner
Nykkole Koeppel and Dwayne Koeppel
Bunnie Kasprzyk and Jacob Kasprzyk
Karlie Komp and James SippelJackson, Wi
Samantha Krumcke and Bryce Krumcke
Brittany Strom and Kyle KimMarysville, Washington
Tonya Kirkpatrick and Freddie BatesTonya Kirkpatrick and Freddie Bates
Lottie Page and Derek KaliszewskiFlorissant, MO
Samantha Kulakovich and Daniel Selover
Ariel Krebs and Brandon Gioglio
Charlotte Kenny and Benjamin MartinSHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire
Julia Kolesar and Julia Kolesar
Krysta Johnson and Jonathan KingMebane, NC
Skylar Ketchem and Bryce Cunningham
Emma Kinkead and Caleb Pope
Andrew Kisilywicz and Liana RivelliWest Warwick, RI
Samantha Katada and Ryan MilesSamantha Katada and Ryan MilesLas Vegas, NV
Abby Knedler and Brandon Weets
Alessandra Korber and Jason Lagoa

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