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Alexsia Gillespie and Jeffery Krupa
Bree Bergeron and Luke Kelleher
Mackenzie Chretien and bre k
Deena Furman and Harrison KinardDeena Furman and Harrison KinardLas Vegas, NV
Diane Furnan and Harrison KinardSpringfield, MO
Norah James and Bradley Koopen
Kelsey McLachlan and Trevor Kushner
Shannon Koehler and Jacob GibsonShannon Koehler and Jacob Gibson
Ayaka Kurata and Tomoyuki HisadaHokkaido-pref, 064-0809, JAPAN
Alicia Finch and Matt Klenzak
Julia Kolesar and Julia Kolesar
Emma Kinkead and Caleb Pope
Braxtyn Maroney and Austin Kaylor
Pamela King and Samuel King
Gillian Knight and Tyler Kilburn
Danielle Kinser and Johnny Scruggs
Leeann Renee and Shaun Keeney
Lacey Kramer and Josh Digiacomo
Josilynn Dyer and Andrew Kuffler
Faith Krieg and Scott BertherFaith Krieg and Scott BertherMILWAUKEE, WI
Jaylen Gonzales and Meske Kilcrease
Britney Rodriguez and Darrin KingBritney Rodriguez and Darrin KingMILWAUKIE, OR
Lucas Kober and Lupita TalaveraReseda, CA
Amber Kukuk and Lucas Grasset
Rachel Morton and Derek Kraus
Jes Ki and Ni Umb
Emily Kardos and William Sullivan
Christopher Elliott and Eleanor King
Lynnea Fredrickson and Tristan KahlBend, OR
Leela Leve and Seth KimblerEaston, MD
Amber Charland and Kevin Kodat
Chelsea Keith and Steven MannKeller, TX
Tricia Kessler and Timothy FosterEast Lansing, MI
Breannon Files and Trenton KeelerLincoln, CA
Tara Chenery and Liam Kirkma
Rebecca Bays and David KennedyTulsa, OK
Jessica Bishop and Erin Kelly
Elizabeth Kaminski and Matthew WestWISCONSIN RAPIDS, WISCONSIN
Cheyenne Wise and Steve Konicki
Zack Karges and Amanda HapemanRaleigh, NC
Michelle Foronjy and Nicholas KlopsisBohemia, NY
Taylor Kerbs and Alex Hunt
Katie King and Sully Swingley
Clayton Kensinger and Lynn Alexander
Nicole Kirby and Seth PriceNicole Kirby and Seth Price
Jessica Kilpatrick and Steven Brewer
Natalie Kingry and Anthony SalazFederal Way, WA
Rei Kenzie and Mathew Curt
lindsey kylloe and shane mccabeQueensbury, NY
Natalie Kowalsky and Dylan Acosta

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