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Kristine Hegedus and Jason TannerTallmadge, Ohio
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Adelina Wostrel and Kirby Taylor
Matthew Thyng and Kelly Snead
Mahala Thompson and Jeffrey Struckhoff
Shelby Hammontree and Spc. Alexxander Taylor
Sandra Turner and Jay McMillanSandra Turner and Jay McMillanSeattle, WA
Leia Todaro and Amber West
Brittany Turner and Greg Bumgardner
Lucas Kober and Lupita TalaveraReseda, CA
Katie Theriault and Chase BurtonBurlington, Connecticut
Tegan Sheltman and Donovan Tercero
Jill Triplett and Harold Jarreau
Hailey MacLean and Kyle TeagueHailey MacLean and Kyle TeagueLake Forest, CA
Rebecca Carhart and Kieran Thomson
Francesca Robinson and Scott Thorley
Regina Barry and Jesse TorresCompton, California
Stephanie Sprague and Wyatt Trevino
Sarah Tivnen and Justin Tivnen
Dior Williams-Brown and TBA TBA
Kristal Totolo and James RoseGoose Creek, SC
Nicolle Hernandez and CJ Trujillo
Karl Deeprose and Alice Thompson-Martyn
Shelby Sampson and Hunter Tanner
Abby Kraus and Andrew Taylor
Abbey Tiapula and Roro JohnsonAbbey Tiapula and Roro Johnson
Abbey Tiapula and Roselle JohnsonAbbey Tiapula and Roselle Johnson
Kaci Taney and Antonio Rios
Jennifer Testerman and Dave Railey
Dominick Potter and Megan TaylorBlanchard, OK
Alexi Peres and Stacee Therrien
Dara Thacker and Dillon Wrenn
Shannon Brown and Hiro Takata
Kristina Tedesco and Mason Ackley
Alexi Peres and Stacee TherrienAlexi Peres and Stacee TherrienKennesaw, GA
Regan Fuller and Norman ThornRegan Fuller and Norman ThornBay City, Michigan
Eva Christodoulou and James Turner
Stephanie Gardener and Ryan Taylor
Aundria Bradford and James Teeters
Fallon LeClaire and Michael ThrowerKillen, AL
Ayra Tannich and Aaron RoweLACEY, WA
Crystal Toner and William Soulier
Madison Tomes and Samson Black
Aimee Thomas and Anthony Navas
Holly Taylor and Oscar Murphy
Jade Thompson and James Hurst
Gabrielle Treloar and Morgan Bratton
Nysjah Blount and Tonya Thompson
Samantha Gobble and John Tongue
Rebecca Del Castillo and Michael TurnerRebecca Del Castillo and Michael TurnerSheridan, Colorado

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