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Aidelyz R and IDK Yet
Heather Yanas and Trevor WardPalm Bay, FL
Connor Herman and Julia Yoder
Seraphim-Yin Yim-Hayashi and Eugene Chu
Melissa Schell and Dallas YoungSan Bernardino, CA
Beth Anne Turpin and Hunter Young
Shalea Young and Grant Hebert
Emily Yates and Zachary Schell
Laura Gattuso and Daniel Younkerssparta, Nj07871
Kaitlin O'Connell and Zachary YonKaitlin O'Connell and Zachary YonNorwich, Connecticut
Emily Yenter and Trent KindlOshkosh, WI
Lauren C and Jay Y
Cassie Wright and Ronnie YounkerFairfield, Ohio
Heather Hughes and Brad YoutzyHeather Hughes and Brad YoutzyBallwin, MO
Caressa Holbrook and Casey Yates
Teagan Young and Elijah SchoonardTeagan Young and Elijah SchoonardGainesville, Florida
Bengt Fredrickson and Amy YoungBengt Fredrickson and Amy YoungEden Prairie, MN
Leslie Alonso and David Young
BreeAnna Floyd and Hannah Young
Rebecca Yanez and Jonathan Freeman
Desiree Labrot and Justin Young
Ashley Loftis and Dennis Yarizadeh
Autumn Malpass and Wesley YarboroughColumbia, SC
Katelyn Wilson and Justyn YenneKatelyn Wilson and Justyn YenneHazelton, ID
Molly Lucas and Nathan Young
Kaitlyn Murphy and Jordan Young
Amanda Young and Brian Cashion
Annaliese Palmer and Joseph YostAnnaliese Palmer and Joseph YostWindermere, FL
Gina Girbal and Wesley York
Hannah Piazza and Ashley Yeates
Kelly Burke and Michael YoungWheaton, MD
Mystee Yannarella and Mike Iping
Myla Young and Justin Ward
Kayleigh Franklin and Isaiah Young
taylor papa and Nicholas Yanchisin
Tiffany Yates and Richard Ocampo
Chun-Hsuan Su and Wei-Chieh Yen
justin youles and Kirsty Youles
Kasey Wilson and Robert Yancey
Julie Esquivel and Todd YunkerKenosha, WI
Jennifer Young and Adam Fuller
Joanna Volpe and Josh Yoder
Marina Young and Matthew ZulianiNewport News, VA
Cassie Yusico and Andrew Ugale
Jessica Purdy and Patrick Yanagi
Amber Young and Cody Reynoldsbelgrade, MONTANA
David Knight and Anna Yanc
Elvis Yang and Christine Killick
Lindsey Babcock and Justin Yoebstl
Brittany Welch and Idk Yet

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